Lebanon High School

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Early College Information Technology Program

We offer a pathway of classes which enables students to be admitted to the University of Cincinnati's Information Technology program upon graduation.  2018-2019 is the second year of the program.

Required classes to complete the first year of the University of Cincinnati's IT Program while at LHS are:

  1. IT 1050 Fundamentals of IT (offered 2017)
  2. IT 1080 Computer Networking (offered 2018)
  3. IT 1090C Computer Programming I  (offered 2018)
  4. IT 1081C System Administration (offered 2019)
  5. IT 2040C Fundamentals of Web Development (offered 2019)
  6. IT 2060C Database Management I (offered 2019)
  7. College Credit Plus Precalculus (offered 2018 at LHS)
  8. College Credit Plus Communication
  9. College Credit Plus English

Program Partners
Lebanon City Schools
The Warren County Career Center
Sinclair Community College
The University of Cincinnati