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LHS scheduling

Posted on: February 3, 2021

We'd had a lot of questions about course scheduling for next year, so I want to share some information to hopefully help you understand how the process works.

Although you may read or hear about scheduling starting, it takes 5 months to complete the process for the master schedule to be created.  At some point during those months, students submit their course requests. 

There is no advantage or disadvantage to submitting course requests at any particular time during the process, except it is important to meet any published deadlines. 

If one student turns in requests today and another turns requests in on the deadline day, neither student has an advantage or disadvantage in the process.  There is no list of slots for each course section that is filled as requests are entered.  What happens instead is that our scheduling software takes all of the requests from all of the students and creates a master schedule draft that meets the highest percentage of student requests.  After that draft schedule is created, counselors work for days to fine-tune the draft schedule, working with administration and then students to meet at many requests as possible.

Information about the scheduling process should be rolling out to our option 2 students next week.