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photo of Mark Graler, Director

Mark Graler, Director

The department of curriculum & instruction oversees what we teach, curriculum, and how we teach it, instruction.  We link teachers and other instructional staff with the resources and support they need to help students achieve.

The department is responsible for aligning curriculum, instruction, and assessments to Ohio's Learning Standards; developing, selecting, implementing, and supporting curriculum across the district; fostering effective instructional and assessment strategies to meet students' differentiated learning needs; and providing professional development to staff.

We strive to demonstrate a commitment to excellence, ensuring students are prepared to contribute to the competitive and changing world in which we live.

Staff Contact Information

Our office is located at 160 Miller Rd. Fax: 523.934.3842

Mark Graler     Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Phone:   513-934-5772
Kim Gregg   Secretary to the Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Phone:   513-934-5772
Julie McGinty   Secretary for Professional Development & Special Projects
Phone:   513-934-5782
Melanie Zolnier   Integration Specialist
Phone:    513-934-5774