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Week 18 update

Posted on: December 17, 2020

Good afternoon,

  • Offline hours for week 18 are due by Sunday night.  Reminder: students in grades 9-12 need 12.5 total hours this week to align with the exam-week schedule for in-person students.
  • Reminder that tomorrow is the last day for Option 2 juniors to register for the ACT.  This is the only opportunity for juniors to take the ACT at school, and there is no cost--the state pays for each junior to take the ACT once.  More information and the form to sign up is here:
  • Students in grades 7-12 will see second semester classes showing up in VLA and PLP over winter break.  There's no expectation that students begin working on second semester before January 4.  Breaks are important and students and staff all need a break!
  • As we move to second semester, it's a good time to review some option 2 policies and procedures.  There's a document available with helpful links and videos to use here:

Best wishes for a safe and happy winter break,

Mark Graler