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Week 19 update

Posted on: January 6, 2021

Hello Option 2 families,

This update is coming to you a day early this week.  I'm happy to report that at this point, we believe all option 2 students have correct classes and platform access.  Always use the help form to report any issues.

For offline hours this week for students using VLA, be sure to use the Offline Hours B course, and start with unit 19.  Students using PLP or ULS should use the google form.  Students using VLA and PLP only need to report offline hours one way.

We're expecting 25 hours this week (12.5 for Kindergarten students) and remember that's a total.  That's online hours (measured in the VLA or PLP platform) plus offline hours (reported by you in the offline hours B course or with the google form for PLP and ULS students).  Online hours + Offline hours = Total hours.  If you haven't had a moment to read this information about online and offline hours, now is a good time to do so.

Offline hours are due by Sunday night at midnight, but can be submitted earlier if there will be no more to enter for the week.

LHS students with reduced course work are expected to spend 5 hours per course per week up to the 25 hour expectation.

This is also a good time to double-check that your students are working on the correct units in their classes.  It's not possible to state definitively where each student should be, but this is the list you should tick through as you check:

  1. Any communication from a teacher about which units to do takes priority over anything below
  2. For VLA courses with 36 units, unit 19 is where students should start UNLESS the VLA courses are science courses.  Science courses are double-blocked, so students should be completing 2 units per week, and should start with unit 1.
  3. For VLA courses with 9 or 18 units, students should start with unit 1.
  4. For PLP courses, course dates have been properly entered, so students should follow the pacing in the PLP system.  There's a progress bar for each course, and hovering over it with your cursor will display current progress and expected progress.
  5. Students using ULS will have directions from their teachers about which activities to complete.

We certainly appreciate your patience as we iron out any issues.


Mark Graler
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Lebanon City Schools