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Week 24 update

Posted on: February 11, 2021


  1. It's a good time to double-check your students are up-to-date with their work.  Teachers can always alter the progression of units, but if you haven't had communication to the contrary- this is where your students should be:
    1. For students using VLA- always at least one unit per course per week:
      Courses with 9 or 18 units- students should have submitted units 1-6 by the end of this week.
      Courses with 36 units- students should have submitted units 19-24 by the end of this week except for high school science courses which should have units 1-12 submitted by the end of this week
    2. For students using PLP:- the actual progress percentage should be the same or higher than the expected progress percentage.  You can see these percentages by hovering over the progress bars for each course.
    3. It's really important that students do not fall far behind.  We will not be able to offer extensions at the end of the school year to complete work.  Incomplete units will be averaged in as zeroes before the semester grade is calculated.
    4. For students who are behind, it is suggested that they begin completing and submitting at least two units per day until they are caught up.
  2. Week 24 offline hours are due by Sunday night.  20 hours (10 for Kindergarten students) are due this week due to the snow day on Tuesday.  Students using VLA should use unit 24 in the Offline Educational Opportunities (B) course.  Students using ULS or PLP should complete the google form at the link available on the website.
  3. Caregivers of second graders, please don't forget to register for the InView assessment which will be given on March 4.  Additional information is available here.  This is optional.  Next Friday is the deadline to register.
  4. Information for students interested in marching band:
    1. Here is the link to sign up for marching band for the 2021-2022 school year
    2. Here is a look at the Marching Band schedule
    3. Here is a sizing chart for wind gloves
    4. Here is a sizing chart for guard gloves

Thank you,

Mark Graler