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week 30 update

Posted on: April 1, 2021


I hope everyone had a nice spring break last week.

  1. This is week 30.  Twenty total hours are due this week (10 for Kindergarten students).  Please submit offline hours by Sunday night.  More information is here.
  2. I wanted to share a reminder that we offer free meals for online students.  Sign-up and more information is here.
  3. As we enter the final weeks of the school year, I urge you to follow up with your students to ensure they're on track with work submission.
    • For all VLA courses with 36 units, units up to and including unit 30 should be submitted.
    • For all VLA courses with 18 units, units up to and including unit 12 should be submitted.
    • For high school students in VLA science courses, units up to and including unit 24 should be submitted.
    • [Reminder- some courses do follow alternate schedules--students will have had multiple communications from teachers if this is the case]
    • For students using PLP, hover on the progress bars to check that the actual progress percentage is at least as high as the expected progress percentage.
  4. For students who are behind, it's important to know:
    • Units/work not completed by the end of the semester will be recorded as zeroes
    • Saving multiple units for submission until the very end of the semester may result in zeroes (we can't grade hundreds of units on the last day of the year)
    • We will not be able to offer extensions past the end of the school year to complete work.
    • So it's crunch time if students are behind!

Thank you,

Mark Graler