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Week 33 Update

Posted on: April 22, 2021


Here are updates for this week:

  1. Week 33 Offline hours are due by Sunday night.  It's 25 hours total for this week.  More info here.
  2. MAP testing is coming up for students in grades K-8.  Students take these tests at home.  We've offered this twice this year already and it went well both times.  Here's all the information about the tests including how to register.  MAP data is very helpful to teachers, so if your students can take the tests, it would be appreciated.  MAP test data will be sent home via secure email delivery for all students in early June.
  3. For students who are taking state tests, those scores come back to us in June and you will receive them at the start of the 2021-2022 school year in August.
  4. We've had a few questions about the last day of the school year.  The schedule here is correct.  If work is complete, Friday, May 16 is the last "school day" for Option 2 students.  Some teachers have communicated about submitting work past this date, and seniors who want to end their year when in-building seniors end on May 7 should have their work completed by May 7.
  5. I know I have mentioned this for the past couple weeks, but it is really important that if your student is behind with work, you encourage them to get caught up before the very end of the semester.  We will not be able to grade massive numbers of late units turned in during the last days of the semester.  Those units will likely be marked as zeros.  Of course, units that aren't completed at all will also be marked with zeros.  Also, we will not be able to offer extensions past the end of the school year to complete work.

Thank you,

Mark Graler