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There are two sections of FAQs on this page - text questions & answers and video explanations. The videos are at the bottom of the page.

Click on the + plus sign next to a question and the answer will appear. You can close the answer box by clicking on the x button.

QUESTION: What is the breakdown of the school district's income? Where does the money come from?

QUESTION: What is the district's budget?

QUESTION: What is the district's per pupil cost? 

QUESTION: What is a property tax levy?

QUESTION: Why are local tax levies a vital piece of the district's funding? 

QUESTION: How do the district's finances stand?

QUESTION: Often when the district has a levy on the ballot, the question is asked - is the district spending responsibly and efficiency - or has excessive spending led to the need for this levy?

QUESTION: What is on the ballot November 8, 2022?

QUESTION: What is a "substitute" levy? 

QUESTION: What is an "emergency" levy? 

QUESTION: Aren't "emergency" levies temporary?

QUESTION: What existing levies is this one levy substituting? 

QUESTION: Is this "substitute" levy renewing the emergency levies?

QUESTION: What efficiencies are gained from this substitute levy?

QUESTION: What is a "mill"? 

QUESTION: Does the millage rate apply to 100% of my home value? 

QUESTION: How much revenue will this 9.64 mill levy generate?

QUESTION: Why is this substitute levy a 10-year levy?

QUESTION: Why did the district choose a "substitute" levy? What is the benefit of combining the 3 levies into one? 

QUESTION: What is the district's levy history?

QUESTION: If the Lebanon community grows in the next 10 years, can the current sizes of our school buildings support this growth or will future levies be needed?

QUESTION: If a property owner's value increases, will they pay additional taxes for this substitute levy? 

QUESTION: If the levy fails, will my taxes go down? 


In the following video clips, Superintendent Isaac Seevers, Treasurer Karen Ervin, and Warren County Auditor Matt Nolan answer questions about district finances and the levy:

What is on the ballot November 8, 2022? - 

Why is this levy on the ballot now? - 

What is the benefit of a 10-year levy? -

What are the benefits of combining three levies into one? -

Explaining the terms "emergency" and "substitute" - 

How do future developments contribute to the growth of the levy? - 

Have other school districts combined levies into one substitute levy? - 

What do levies pay for? -

Explain the difference between a bond issue and an operating levy -

How do Lebanon School's taxes compare to other districts? -

What is the breakdown of district revenue? -

Why are local taxes vital to funding? -

What is the district's per pupil cost? How does it compare to others?

Could the district operate without local tax funding?

What happens if the levy does not pass? -

Those video clips were snipped from the August 2022 episode of Onward Lebanon, the district's monthly TV program designed to provide insight into our district, our students, our people, and our programs. You can watch the entirety of the episode here.