Online Students

Online Learning Essential Information

  • Please be flexible with your teachers and administrators as this is new to all of us.

  • Building handbooks and codes of conduct apply to all students online and in school.

  • It is recommended for students to complete one unit for each course per week.  

  • Students will be required to have completed and submitted units 1-4 for all their courses by midterms (September 11).

  • Students will be required to have completed and submitted units 1-9 by the end of first quarter (October 15).

  • Teachers may allow students to REDO a unit to improve their grade.  Students have two weeks to redo the unit and submit it to the teacher.  If it isn’t submitted, then the grade will stay the same.  


First Day- Logging In to VLA

  •  Go to and put in username and password. 

  • Click SAVE on the pop up, so the Chromebook will remember your info.

  • You will be at the homepage where you will see the student name and courses.

  • Click on each course and open Unit 1.  You do not need to begin completing the unit, but explore.  

  • On the left hand side there will be different options to view.  Click on each (Read  A Unit, Answer Questions, Vertical Split Screen, Horizontal Split Screen)  *** You will want to use the Horizontal Split Screen to answer questions for all courses.

  • Go back to the homepage by clicking the house icon on the top right.

  • Get familiar with the icons in the top right section of the homepage. 


  • You should receive emails from your teacher either by your school google account or on VLA.  Click the envelope to see if you have any emails.  

  • Follow your teacher’s instructions/ welcome information.  (That may come through VLA or the email you provided in Progressbook.)


Getting Started with VLA

  • Save your user name and password on VLA site. Chromebook should prompt you to save once entered on the website.
  • Write your VLA username and password in a notebook or your phone in case you forget it. 
  • Explore your VLA account - on your home screen you can see each course you're enrolled in (Grades K-2 only have one teacher) and see who your teachers are.
  • Make sure you're familiar with the icons in the top right corner of your screen  (Home, Open a Unit, View Messages, Write a Message, Open the Forum, Open the VLA Student Blog, View Common Questions & Answers, Contact Tech Support, Log Out.
  • After you click on a course, you'll see a list of units for the course
  • After you click on a unit, you'll see several icons on the left of your screen that you need to be familiar with (Read a Unit, Answer Questions, Vertical Split Screen, Horizontal Split Screen)

Other Tips and Suggestions

  • Although not required by VLA, it is very helpful for students to have a notebook to take notes for each course. 
  • It is very important for students to read over the unit reading/notes before completing the questions.
  • It is very helpful to use a split screen to complete the questions. (Horizontal split screen is easiest.) It is much easier to have the reading next to the questions, rather than to flip back and forth to different screens.
  • It is very important to click SAVE after each question! If your Chromebook loses WiFi connection or you do not complete the entire unit at one time, the questions that were completed will be saved.
  • To submit a unit: at the bottom of the screen click All Finished! Review My Answers, and then scroll down to the bottom again and click Looks Ok! Send to my Teacher.
  • Once you view, partially complete, or submit a unit, you will see it on the course home screen. This is helpful so you know where you left off and where to begin.
  • Some units ask for you to print out a worksheet/ questions, so having a printer may be helpful.
  • A graphing calculator may be needed, is a good free web based graphing calculator.