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Changes to Remote Learning

Posted on: April 17, 2020


LJHS Parents and Students,

I want to thank everyone for the work you have been doing at home to keep your students engaged with school work.  Everyone at LJHS recognizes how difficult this has been and the sacrifices you have made to make this happen. There have been many challenges, growing pains, and MANY learning opportunities for our school community when it comes to remote learning.

As a school, the teachers, administrators, and support staff at LJHS have been engaging in discussions about what is working, what is not working, and what changes we need to make to create a better experience for our students and parents.  We recognize that students and parents have been overwhelmed in many instances by multiple emails and phone calls from multiple teachers. Managing up to seven classes with seven different teachers is not easy for anyone. And honestly, managing over 150 students in this environment has not been easy for our teachers either.  As a result of those discussions, I want to take this time to explain a significant change to the way we will be delivering remote instruction beginning next week. 

To eliminate some of the stress students, parents, and teachers have been under, beginning next week we will be dividing our coursework into two groups of classes that will be completing work on alternating weeks.

 During the week of April 20th, students will receive assignments for the following classes:

    • Core-  ELA, Science, and World Language

    • Electives-  Careers, Flight and Space, and PE

  • During the week of April 27th, students will receive assignments for the following classes:

    • Core-  Math, History, and Health

    • Electives-  Robotics and Art

  • Students in Band, Choir, and Orchestra will be permitted to complete their work either week, or spread it out over the two weeks, depending on what works best with their schedule.  

  • The average time committed to each class will be approximately 2.5 hours for the week. This is the same total time commitment per week students were spending previously.  

By making these changes, we believe:

  • Students will have approximately 1/2 the number of classes to manage each week. Students will have no more than 4 classes to manage.  

  • Students and parents should receive fewer phone calls and emails each week.

  • Students will have more time to dedicate to each subject area during that week.

  • Students will be able to spend more time video conferencing with teachers since they have fewer classes to manage.  

Again, the teacher, administrators and support staff appreciate all the effort that has been dedicated to making the transition to remote learning successful.  We hope that the changes outlined above will reduce stress and make this difficult task a little bit easier for everyone.  

As always, if your student spends more than the allotted time per week on any one class, please contact the teacher.  Our goal is to create learning opportunities that adhere to our time expectations. If that is not happening, we need to hear from you and your student.

I hope everyone continues to stay healthy and I look forward to the day where we can be back in school, providing students with face to face lesson delivery.  Our staff truly misses interacting with your students in person.

Brian Dalton

LJHS Principal

Summary Chart of Required Work


Week of April 20th

2.5 hrs max/class




World Language

Band/Choir/Orchestra Students can complete during week 1, week 2, or divided over the two weeks .




Flight and Space



Week of April 27th

2.5 hrs max/class