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Email to Parents from 5/10/2020

Posted on: May 13, 2020
(Sent as an email on 5/11/2020)
Students may have items that were left at school and items that need to be returned to school. To safely facilitate this happening, we have set up a form for you to schedule a time for item pick up and drop off. Please be on time as we are using this schedule to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. Click Here to access the scheduling form.
PICK UP- Contents of student's lockers have been bagged and labeled. These items, as well as any other identifiable item (medications kept with the nurse, instruments, contents of PE locker, track photos, track t-shirts, misc. items from lost and found, etc) will be returned to students during your selected time. Unidentifiable items from locker rooms, classrooms, hallways, etc. will be saved and we will provide an opportunity for you to claim your item in the future.
DROP OFF- Items students have at home such as textbooks, library books, chromebooks, track uniforms, etc. should be placed in a bag and returned during your selected time.
Students and parents will not be permitted to leave the car. All exchanges of materials will happen curbside at the front of the building. Parents will enter the parking lot through the Miller Road entrance, line up along the sidewalk near the flagpole, and exit on the back side of the building onto SR 48.
Our goal is to return as much as possible to students. Please understand we will do our best to make sure students get their items. Please use the comments section when you sign up for a time to make any notes that need shared.
SPANISH 1 and French 1 Students- Please remember that your Spanish and French workbooks will be used again next year. Do not throw these workbooks away as you will need them in high school. If your workbook is lost or misplaced, you will have to pay a fee to replace it.
Yearbooks- We have reached out to the company who prints our yearbooks and at this time, they are not ready. Printing was delayed due to circumstances related to COVID 19. We do not have an anticipated date of arrival of the yearbooks but we will be in contact when they are available. At this time, we anticipate yearbooks will be mailed home when they do arrive.
Loaner Chromebooks- If you were issued a loaner chromebook to use, please keep that chromebook until August when we return to school. We will not be collecting chromebooks next week when we do item collection.
Missing Items- Once you have picked up your materials, a google form will be available that can be submit to notify us of missing items. Once you have submitted the form, we will search for your missing item and notify you if the item is found. If the items is found, we will arrange for pickup by appointment only.
Thank you for your continued patience during this unusual circumstance.