Lebanon High School

Please refer to the links below if you have signed up for any AP or Honors/Accelerated courses during the 2020-2021 school year! 


AP Biology Summer Assignment: AP Bio

AP Calculus Summer Assignment: None

AP Chemistry Summer Assignment: AP Chemistry

AP English Literature Summer Assignment: None

AP Environmental Science Summer Assignment: Use Google Classroom Codes to access assignments.

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AP European History Summer Assignment: AP Euro & Map

AP Government Summer Assignment: AP Government

AP Physics Summer Assignment: Summer Letter & AP Physics

AP Psychology Summer Assignment:   Students should purchase Barron's AP Psychology review book and read through it over the summer and write down any questions or comments they would like to discuss when we get together next school year.

AP Spanish Summer Assignment: AP Spanish

AP Statistics: None

AP US History Summer Assignment: AP US History


Accelerated English I Summer Assignment: None

Honors English II Summer Assignment: 

Honors American Literature Summer Assignment: None