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Helpful Tips:

  • Remember to complete the FAFSA.

  • Apply early and often.

  • Don't ignore scholarships with comparatively low award amounts. These can add up.

  • Many colleges offer merit-based scholarships. Pay attention to deadlines, as these are typically earlier than a regular application deadline. They are usually scholarships that are automatically granted if students meet the criteria and include some of the most significant dollar amounts. They can be found on each specific college or university's website.

  • Apply for local scholarships. With small applicant pools, local scholarships give students a better chance of success than national options.

  • Use search engines to explore the incredible variety of scholarships out there. Feel free to check out the popular sites below:

Local Scholarships

Scholarship applications are now available on the “Colleges” page of Naviance. Every year, through incredibly generous donations, Lebanon students are given the opportunity to be awarded a wide variety of local scholarships. The Class of 2020 was granted over $135,000 in award monies from local donors! It is clear that Lebanon is a community that places great value on education.

To access scholarship offerings, log into your Clever account ( From the website, log in as a student, select your district, and log in with your Google account. If using your Chromebook, look for the Clever icon in the toolbar.

Click on the Naviance icon in the Clever portal and it will take you directly into your Naviance account.

Once you are in Naviance, click on the “Colleges” tab at the top, then “Scholarships and Money,” then “Scholarship List,” and finally, “Local and Regional Scholarships.”

You should make it a point to check this list frequently, as additional scholarships will be added as they become available.

Please pay attention to deadlines and instructions for submission as they are all different. Read carefully.

Financial Aid

Important Websites: