Lebanon High School

Daily Announcements

There will be an Educators Rising (formerly FTA) meeting this Thursday, October 17 at 6:50am in room 1212.

Anyone interested in being a manager for the boys basketball team, see Coach Chivington in room 2412 for information. 

What are you doing Wednesday evening?  You are invited to join Lebanon FCA for our annual Fields of Faith event, were our students, local churches, and our community come together to fellowship and worship.  The event will take place Wednesday,October 16th from 6:30-8:00 at Vandergrift Stadium.  Bring your friends and family.  See you then!

Lebanon Ski and Snow Board Club will have its first meeting Thursday, October 17 after school at 6pm in the conference room.  We will be passing out paperwork and going over the changes from last year.  So dust off those skis and boards or bust the piggy bank up side the head to get money for renting some, because I smell snow baby!

Do you enjoy saving the planet? Then come to ecology club every Monday, right after school in Mrs.Hogan’s room, 1305! There will be snacks, and this week we will be doing an upcycling activity, so bring an empty plastic pop bottle.

Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior t-shirts are on sale for $10 in room 1415.

Hey all you beautiful creatures out there longing for debate, discussion about national and global events.  We had our first meeting and we resolved, I mean like totally solved the issues of global warming, abortion, nuclear proliferation.  Come join us every Thursday as we discuss the world around us and eat food.  We meet in room 2209 (McCarty's room) and are looking forward to you joining us.  We also go on field trips where we compete against other schools in our knowledge of the world around us and current events.  Come joins us next week where we will do our best to resolve the biggest debate ever,...how to stop President Trump from tweeting. 

The Lebanon Public Library is offering FREE ACT prep in October. Make sure you sign up on the library's website.

 Students: If you ordered a Lebanon High School yearbook from last year, they are due to be shipped and should arrive to LHS within the next week.  Once they arrive, the yearbook staff will get them delivered to you.

Lebanon High School Media Center welcomes Rachel Schlein from the Lebanon Public Library for a Book Club.

When: starting October 9th during A, B & C lunch (This group will meet the 2nd of 4th Wednesday of the month) 

Where: Media Center in the back corner

What to bring: your lunch, book you are currently reading and be reading for great discussion and maybe a craft!!!

Interested in learning more about the world around you, discussing global politics, debate current issues and eating fantastic food? Come to JCOWA every Thursday after school in room 2209. There will be cookies and milk.

"Guitar Club will be held every other Thursday from 2:30-3: 15 pm beginning this week in Room 2401. We are also opening the club up to other instrumentalists who are interested in learning group improvisation. Each time we meet, we will learn a new song along with multiple chord voicing and other techniques." 


Science Olympiad meets every Friday until 3:30 in room 1304. Come out and study, build things, or just have a good time doing science.

Are you interested in free food, debates, heated discussions?  Head down to Mrs. Taylor's room 2213, for Young Republican's Club every Tuesday directly after school. 

 Make-Up Picture Day Friday November 1st
  The Warrior Cafe is open all day in room 2403!  Come get a snack, water, or Pepsi.  Everything is $1.00 and benefits the Daylight Prom.  See Mrs. Titmas for special requests.  
Dear Parents and Students,

The Lebanon City School district, along with other schools districts across the country, are seeing an increase in a dangerous new trend among students, e-cigarette use, also known as vaping.

E-cigarettes, vape pens, or juuls, are electronic devices that emit a vapor that is inhaled by the user. The liquid solutions that are used in these devices often contain various amounts of nicotine and other harmful chemicals. Vaping devices are also being used to dispense crystallized marijuana (THC). These devices may resemble a pen or a USB drive.

We are concerned about student health and safety. Students who are using these devices are inhaling nicotine and other harmful chemicals and may be thinking it is safe. These products are being marketed toward our youth to entice them to try, and ultimately, use these products. As you know, nicotine is highly addictive and some of these unregulated products contain higher levels of nicotine than cigarettes. The use of one Juul is the equivalent of smoking 1 pack of cigarettes.

While the law requires you to be at least 18 years of age to purchase or use vaping devices, many of our students are in possession of one. These devices are also being used to dispense THC in an odorless method.

As per our Student Code of Conduct, the possession, distribution, or use of a vaping device is prohibited in school, on school property or at school events. Students found possessing, distributing, or using these devices are subject to discipline under our Student Code of Conduct.

In an effort to better protect our students from the dangers of vaping and nicotine addiction, we are revising consequences for violating Student Code of Conduct #27 - Using/Possession of Tobacco

*Effective April 3, 2018, the consequences for students found in violation of Student Code of Conduct #27 will be:

First Violation

  1. 3 Day Out of School Suspension

  2. Student will not be permitted to attend the next dance on the school calendar (i.e. Prom, Homecoming, Winter Formal)

  3. Student/Parents will be offered an additional support of enrollment in a tobacco/smoking awareness class offered at school at no charge to the family.

Second Violation

  1. 5 Day Out of School Suspension

  2. Student will not be permitted to attend any school dances for 1 year.

  3. Student/Parents will be offered an additional support of enrollment in a tobacco/smoking awareness class offered at school at no charge to the family.

Third Violation

  1. 10 day suspension with the recommendation for expulsion.

  2. Students will not be permitted to attend any school dances for the remainder of his/her high school career.

  3. Student will be required to attend tobacco cessation classes at the expense of the student/parent before returning to school under any abeyance agreement.

* Please note, these violations are cumulative over a student’s career in each building.

We are committed to the health and well-being of our students. Our administrators and counselors are available for anyone seeking assistance in discussing this matter further.


Scott Butler                          Brian Dalton

LHS, Principal                      LJHS, Principal