New Enrollment

The custodial parent or legal guardian must register the student.*

Please provide the following for each student that you are registering:

  1. Student Registration Packet - under "Registration Forms" tab
  2. Original Birth Certificate - we will make a copy but you must bring in the original
  3. Custody Papers (If applicable) - Divorce documents; guardianship & legal custodial documents must contain an "Assignment of Tuition"
  4. Shot/Immunization Record
  5. Parent/Guardian's Driver License or State I.D.
  6. Proof of Residency (Acceptable Forms) - Apartment Lease, Rental Contract, Mortgage Statement, Settlement Statement, Deed, Warranty Deed, Property Tax Statement, City of Lebanon, or Duke Energy*
  7. IEP/504 Plan/MFE (If applicable for students with Special Needs)

* If parent/guardian’s name does not appear on the documentation for proof of residency, the person whose name does appear must come with the parent/guardian and prove residency. Both parties must sign a notarized Affidavit stating that the family is living in their residence.

Por favor usted debe traer estos documentos para inscribir a su nino:

  1. Certifcado De Nacimeiento
  2. Documentos De Custodia (O Documentos del divorcio; si usted es guardian el documento debe tener un "Assignment of Tuition")
  3. Certificados De Vacunas (Se recibe en el con sultorio de su doctor)
  4. Licencia Para Conducir O Identificacion Del Estado (De los padres o guardian con foto).
  5. Documentos Demonstrando Su Residencia (Por ejemplo: contrato de amendamiento de su apartamento o casa etc.)*
  6. Aplicabilidad para Estudiates Especial