Lebanon City Schools is currently closed until Monday, May4th unless otherwise directed.

Additional announcements will be communicated by the school district as necessary.


New Enrollment

The custodial parent or legal guardian must register the student.*

Please provide the following for each student that you are registering:

  1. Student Registration Packet - under "Registration Forms" tab
  2. Original Birth Certificate - we will make a copy but you must bring in the original
  3. Custody Papers (If applicable) - Divorce documents; guardianship & legal custodial documents must contain an "Assignment of Tuition"
  4. Shot/Immunization Record
  5. Parent/Guardian's Driver License or State I.D.
  6. Proof of Residency (Acceptable Forms) - Apartment Lease, Rental Contract, Mortgage Statement, Settlement Statement, Deed, Warranty Deed, Property Tax Statement, City of Lebanon, or Duke Energy*
  7. IEP/504 Plan/MFE (If applicable for students with Special Needs)

* If parent/guardian’s name does not appear on the documentation for proof of residency, the person whose name does appear must come with the parent/guardian and prove residency. Both parties must sign a notarized Affidavit stating that the family is living in their residence.

Por favor usted debe traer estos documentos para inscribir a su nino:

  1. Certifcado De Nacimeiento
  2. Documentos De Custodia (O Documentos del divorcio; si usted es guardian el documento debe tener un "Assignment of Tuition")
  3. Certificados De Vacunas (Se recibe en el con sultorio de su doctor)
  4. Licencia Para Conducir O Identificacion Del Estado (De los padres o guardian con foto).
  5. Documentos Demonstrando Su Residencia (Por ejemplo: contrato de amendamiento de su apartamento o casa etc.)*
  6. Aplicabilidad para Estudiates Especial